Am I thinking too much??? — By Juice


I love being myself. I love waking up early, going all the way to gym and trying aerobics daily. I love getting tired and sleeping well. I love cooking and giving treat to myself. I love smiling and laughing whenever possible. I’m doing all these and loving my daily life.

My life is wonderful, stress-less and happy-going.

If I’m so happy with my day to day life why I am today shedding tears and feeling unsatisfied? Why there are tears on my pillow? Why thoughts are rushing in my head like a cyclone?

Yesterday I was happy. I felt awesome before going to sleep. Why today I’m not happy? Is it because I realized that I stopped struggling for my destiny and letting myself go with the life flow?

Is it because I’m satisfied with what I’ve got and too addicted with daily life pleasures?

There are so many things in life which I need and nobody else I know in this world can give me. But funny part is I don’t know what I actually need.

In this journey of life I’ve learned that Wealth and Well-being are short-lived. Wisdom is eternal. I know that one cannot have all three of them without struggle and pain. I also know that temptation is a sin. But still why I am tempted to have them all without any trial?

I have failed miserably today, not because I have failed. But because, I’ve failed to stand up again and try. I want to see water droplets on my forehead but not in my eyes. I want to be different from who I have been.

Don’t think too much – my heart says. But today my soul and mind are out of control. They are tired of my routine dead-life.

I think I’m being too pampered by myself. I think I’ve done hundreds of sins to get a little satisfaction of being cared everyday. I think I need medicine to stop all this naughtiness going on inside my head and go to sleep.

I think I am thinking too much. Am I?

I choose to suffer and learn from it – (By juice)

It was Saturday and I was awakened early in the morning by my phone ringing constantly. I was extremely angry on the person calling me but unfortunately, it was my phone wake-up alarm. Alarm to remind me to complete the months-long pending article. So finally I geared up myself with my laptop to anyhow complete it.

Right behind the place where I lived, there was a beautiful garden where different shades of green bushes shined with yellow glitter dust of sun rays. Green and greener, it was everywhere. The climate was warm and so was inside my heart. I felt it was a place where I can do whatever I want, outside the walls of my home, and it was so peaceful. I went to my favorite place and sat on the side of a broken branch. That was an extraordinary moment when my thoughts were flooding in the form of words.

I was completely involved in my writing and suddenly I felt someone’s presence. Something unusual. A lady in black robes covered from top to toe came near to me and sat on other end of the branch. She seemed to be an old woman. I couldn’t look at her because I was too busy with my business. Suddenly I heard her sobbing weirdly and slowly the sobbing sounds grew louder and it was disturbing my thoughts. I closed my laptop and turned towards her to send her away from my private-public place. hd-photography-rain-love-15 The moment I looked at her I was dumbfounded. There was a sharp beep echo in my brain. She was a young lady and there were cuts in her nerves and were bleeding to death. Her fingers were pale blue and were drenched in an evil red liquid. She was tattered and filled with blue blood, lifeless flesh and weak bones. I was scared(in fact scared to death) and wanted to run away but couldn’t make a move.

One part of my heart was saying run away or you will be feasted on by flesh-eating zombie. Another part was saying to talk with her and solve her each and every suffering. I gathered up all the courage and initiated the conversation. I asked her name…Silence. Asked about her parents..Silence. Her problem…Silence. I screamed on her silence..Silence. NUMBNESS. I, with huge rage of anger, removed her hood which was covering her face and was backfired with fear because her eyes were bleeding and her lips and cheeks were cracked and blood was oozing out of them too.

The deadliest and scariest fact.. she was looking familiar. Familiar face that I see daily in the mirror. I screamed but passers by were unable to hear me. I was looking at her and screaming as hard as I could and was asking for help. I was choking and was losing my senses. I felt so weak and couldn’t withstand anymore. Seeing my suffering and screaming she shhhhhed me and suddenly disappeared into the darkness. She was not a stranger. Not a zombie even. SHE was ME. images

Silence filled the place as I was petrified

The cold breeze gently caressed my cheeks as I was shivered

The frogs and the lively leaves sang a chorus to make me feel good

But were unsuccessful to change my mood

Over me, slowly numbness was creeping

Like dead lake was freezing

The pain that I can never tell

And sympathies can never make me well

Inside me, the pain was flooding like tsunami

And it was the only anchor stopping me from being a zombie

One of my friends once mentioned about sorrow

The pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow

Oh sweetheart, you were so true about the pain

If there was no pain, then no gain

When you have nothing to lose, you become capable of everything to gain

And it is true… The loser will never lose again!!!

And yes I choose to lose and learn from it



Wedding Gift (By Juice)

             New life, new people, and new home what not everything new…. [I know it’s a totally flop way to start but I don’t know how to do this]. Priyanka, I still remember your reception day, the first time I saw you in a complete bridal makeup and you were blushing non-stop. I don’t know whether I told you or not but you looked awesomely stunning, the most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen. I know you were tensed like hell but dear trust me by God’s grace everything went just perfect. A perfect marriage that I couldn’t even find a single flaw [except for that strange prop’s competition… I am thinking what could I do for you guys on my marriage day ;)]

   Oh dear!!! You are truly one of the simplest, amazing, friendly, lovely, stupid, notorious, idiotic and childishly arrogant persons I’ve ever met. Never in my wildest of dreams had I imagined that you will become the queen of one’s life this soon. But everything happened in a very planned way just like a happiest 3 hours movie before my eyes.

 You and Sekhar, both look just perfect and mad(e) for each other [wiping a small default tear coming from my left eye]

And Priyanka, you’re a wonderful person over all; you’re kind at heart, beautiful inside out and multi-talented. This makes Sekhar so lucky. And yes, you’re lucky too. Because who on earth can change a tom boy into a lovable rose. It still amazes me; you were so naughty, dashing and completely different. I always used to feel pity on your future husband. Now I take back my words. [Sekhar, you’re an awesome guy… What magic you used on her… You completely mesmerized her.]

And by the way, here I do present to you, the beautiful woman; the most economic gift ever possible – it costed me nothing but still very worthy to me.

It is wrapped with beautiful cover and sparkling ribbon laces… Open it carefully…



Tada!!!! Song for you…….

To me you are someone sent by God to do great things

One of the heaven’s angels with invisible wings

I dive into the past, those moments pleasant

The days passed with you, make them my present

We’ve always been together, we did everything with laughter

I don’t want to surrender, the gossips we’ve shared together

I’ll never forget that smile and looks of yours and how it made me glad

Just remember you’ll always be the sweetest friend I’ve ever had

I don’t have to be with you, to know you’re there

We don’t have to see each other, to know that we care

We could be apart for years upon end,

And still remain the best of friends

These words which I write in endless flow

Wish they will bring to your face a glorious glow

These words which are full of emotions and tear

Wish they will remove every detail of fear


Life may be worse sometime

But hope for the best everytime;

May this relation be a bright sun

Never let it go and always have fun;

My prayers are always with you

And remember I am always with you….

                          It’s very hard to forget the days we enjoyed. And it’s even harder to picture that you are not here next to me. Now I’m all alone here but left with fantabulous memories to cherish. I wish you love this token of friendship and affection from your little sister. I don’t have any idea how this came up but this is all I could do despite my junk and hectic schedule.

                                                                Best wishes, warm regards and lots of good will all through your life dear!!!! Ur Sweet heart…

On her request – Juice


Teaching valuable unending lessons

And setting amazing missions

Starts the day of this awesome girl

As reticent as a floating white pearl

She teases as a child with sweet mischief

And understands as a friend in every grief

She is a blessing, who listens and never condemn

Someone on whom you can totally trust and depend

She is Beautiful, wise, courageous and strong

And take up every cause to right the wrong

She is a feeling, who saturates your heart with love

Flies with you in life with the beauty of a dove

She is a shining, who makes your life full of smiles

The memories that last for thousands of miles

If she lets I would love to be part of her Memory

Making each and every day legendary!!!

On his request – Juice


In a place nearer to Western Ghats than it seems

There lives a silly guy with a pocketful of dreams

He is as tall as a telephone pole

Only God has to help it to be in control

All descent and dignified he might look

But those are dedicated only to facebook

He sits calmly and tries to look cool

But he couldn’t hide his feelings rage and becomes fool

Looks No.1 and professional in leather jacket

But his left hand finger tips reveal his bad habit

Good in nature and kind at heart

But less cares to make sure a relation to last

Life goes on, and people change,

But his down to earth attitude remain the same

He is one of the chosen few guys that God sent

Lets pray HIM to achieve his dreams till the end

“Dreams” – Gin

“We are fantastically ignorant about something as basic as the dreaming state of consciousness.”


“A dream is a work of art which requires of the dreamer no particular talent, special training, or technical competence. Dreaming is a creative enterprise in which all may and most do participate.”                               – Clark S. Hall

Who doesn’t like Christopher Nolan after making the film Inception.  Dreams. Dreams are the mysterious part of the life of an individual. Explore the sea of dreams and dream building in this article.

I find this definition as perfect: When you’re asleep, your brain reaches for that hidden stash of drugs inside your head

Wiki(the person who edited the page of Dreams) says – during certain stages of sleep we experience a series of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations which occur involuntarily in the mind.

UntitledIn the words of Sigmund Freud (1856 -1939), an Austrian neurologist who became known as the founding father of psychoanalysis and his theory of dreams is one of the best-known models of dream interpretation – “Dreams are the Road to the Unconscious Mind. The content of dreams is related to wish-fulfillment.”

He believed that the manifest content of a dream, or the actually imagery and events of the dream, served to disguise the latent content, or the unconscious wishes of the dreamer. He explained how a dream actually works. He represented his idea in four parts. See below:

Condensation – Many different ideas and concepts are represented within the span of a single dream. Information is condensed into a single thought or image.

Displacement – This element of dream work disguises the emotional meaning of the latent content by confusing the important and insignificant parts of the dream.

Symbolization – This operation also censors the repressed ideas contained in the dream by including objects that are meant to symbolize the latent content of the dream.

Secondary Revision – During this final stage of the dreaming process, the bizarre elements of the dream are reorganized in order to make the dream comprehensible, thus generating the manifest content of the dream.


Dream 1

The non-scientific part of a dream comes into picture when we start interpreting the very same. No dream between two individuals is of similar structure, matter, time line etc. Though dreams are always psychological, psychic community always considers a dream as a way to look into past or future. Psychic dream interpreters say that if you get a dream related to an animal, there are different ways to look into it.

This shows what this interpretation really is!

You might be wondering if animals dream too like human beings? If so, what do they dream?

Please check this link for more info: And yes, all other animals dream too.

Below is a graph on how much time we take a nap/wide awake in a day at different stages of life. (The college part of the graph is precise and awesome :))


I always wondered how I dream. I sleep to relax, recharge and refresh; but dreams are part and parcel of your regular sleep. Looking into the bigger picture, we human beings, the animals that dominated the earth, the animals that can do anything far from digging the deepest tunnel to stepping on the neighboring planets, but we cannot control dreams and we do not want to stop the occurrence of dreams…

……Scientifically and philosophically…

Cast away the Caste!!! (By Juice)



                           Stupidity of Casteism in India has been increasing rigorously. I agree that the poor people in India need help but not the entire caste. The main reason for introducing this caste based reservation is, earlier all the people in lower caste were poor and people in upper caste were super rich. I don’t think this reason is true in present times. It should be noted that there are many poor people in so-called-upper-caste and many rich people in so-called-lower-caste. And I think this caste based reservation is promoting indolence and no-need-to-work-hard attitude in so many people. If you know that you will get good government post and your life will be well settled even though you just score some pass marks in exams then why you would like to study and work hard? If reservation in India worked so well why Indians still depend on foreign doctors, scientists and engineers and why not they are using some reserved category candidates for high help? We need good professionals and scientists to take India to its rightful place and I don’t think that reservation policy in this present form helping it anyway.

                           I believe that the real solution is to provide all necessary resources like books, scholarships to unprivileged and poor section, irrespective of caste and religion, of our society so that they will compete based on merit. Giving direct jobs and seats in prestigious institutes doesn’t work and even most of the people stopped trying for government jobs as seats are very less and all that government of India care about is caste, caste and only caste. Thank God private institutes and companies are quite good in number in India and they don’t follow this caste based shit.

                          Casteism has become serious curse to our society. Even it became hindrance for marriages.  Let me explain you an incident happened recently which shook and disturbed me a lot. A (boy) and B (girl) are two best buddies in my life who are in relation since 6 years (guess more than that) and both are from well-educated and modern families but of different castes. Finally time came to tell their parents about their love and both confessed to their parents.

Situation at A’s Place:

 A:  Mom… Dad… I have finally found a right girl with whom I would like to spend my rest of life. If you agree, I would like to marry her.. (Both of them shocked and took a few seconds to understand the situation)        

 A’s Dad: Who is she? What is her name? How do you know her?                    

 A’s Mom: What’s her caste? (A and I never expected this question will be asked and will create a scene).

When they realized that B is from different caste… 

A’s Mom reaction:  Forget about her now and don’t try to convince me… I’ll not agree to this (Ridiculous!!! This is 21st century… No one will sacrifice their love because of this silly caste issue). What you did??? How can we lift our heads in public?? (Is this that biggg crime? I don’t know). What our neighbors will think? (aww…These nosy aunties and uncles bothers everyone a lot). 

And finally A’s mom ended up sobbing and A’s Dad even opposed.

Situation at B’s place:

B: Mom… I like a guy and he likes me a lot. He is working in XYZ Company getting paid well and he is from very good family but of different caste.

B’s Mom: Leave that matter here itself. If your father comes to know about this he will kill both of us. You don’t know about him… He would prefer to give you to our caste’s beggar rather than giving you to other caste person… doesn’t matter even he is Ambani or Bill Gates. (What the…??)

                When I shared this with my friends, they said that this situation is prevalent in every Indian family. Hence not only in reservations, this caste system is creating problem in every aspect and crippling many lives. So I jotted down few points which may help to eradicate casteism feeling…

1. If we have castes which we get by heredity, they should be kept only to ourselves and not to be displayed to the world.

2. No surname should be there associated with the caste.

3. The system of caste certificates and mentioning of caste in any certificate should be aborted.

4. Educational Institutes should spread awareness and should treat everyone equally

5. Reservation should be given on the basis of economic level of people not on the basis of caste

6. Inter-caste marriages should be encouraged and parents should give complete freedom to their children when it comes to love

7. The word caste should become obsolete

         I would love to listen few more suggestions from you readers if you agree with me. What do you say??                                

Quest for happiness (By Gin)


Look up! A not so bright sun hiding

Behind a gang of mystic black clouds

Can you feel the warm sea breeze gliding 

While I start running on my own sand molds

It’s everywhere!!!

Let’s visit the ruined building 

It’s not so eerie as it sounds

Sitting on the remaining edge reminding 

The past, watching the passing blue colds

It’s everywhere!!!

I have slept a million years starving 

Before munching roasted pounds

Nothing beats your hand cooking 

Whether it’s a cookie or stuffed cods

It’s everywhere!!!

There she is, but hey stop absconding!

Mend me dear, forever, me and my deep wounds

Wink me a smile that keeps me astounding

What do I need more than you if at all he calls

It’s everywhere!!!

Tonight is my night, no I won’t be doing

Blurred my thoughts a billion seconds

Not a second more my heart stops beating 

I’m addicted to ‘happiness’ fellas

It’s not here, it’s elsewhere!!!!

Serenity to Zenith (By Juice)

This post is dedicated to an amazing person who wrote poetry for me (of course after zealous requests)


Here it goes…

That innocent face 
Amaiden with grace
That pretty smile
That would stretch a mile

She walks with a bounce 
She never loses her spirit not even an ounce
She radiates positiveness
And tries her best to avoid mess

With an intelligent mind 
And sparkling eyes
She rushes with her speech 
Eager to express her views

Kind at heart 
And sweet in nature
She’ll make sure a relation lasts 
Beautiful qualities she does nurture

She is a gift of god
People must treasure 
No burden to lord
I make achieve her dreamz upto every measure

This is one of the wonderful gifts I ever had… Thank you sweet heart…

Afraid of departures… (By Juice)

To me you are a guy in disguise
Full of intuition, bizarre and wise
Always giving and helping through best and hard 
You are the good friend I’ve ever had

Late nights with Maroon5 and  Bombay Vikings
Started sharing of our likings
I love the fun-filled personality that you possess
Somehow you never fail to impress

Though you’ve put our relationship through some cloudy days
You’ve been my sunshine in so many ways
Though trials and tests, right by me you stood
And gave me your hand whenever you could

We’ve been through so many comments
I will never forget all those moments
In spite so little time we’ve shared 
You’ve shown me how much you cared.

Friends are forever
Especially, the bond that you and I treasure
I’m the happiest when you are near
To lose you someday is my biggest fear….